Car Rentals FAQ

    What do I need to rent a vehicle?

            To rent a vehicle at Matthews Motor Company, you will need a current valid                 driver's license, insurance card, and a major credit card or bank-issued debit                 card for the hold.

    What types of cards do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, except American Express, pre-paid cards, or     refillable cards. This includes the government-issued stimulus cards and     unemployment cards.

    What kinds of vehicles do you rent?

    We rent compact, intermediate, and full-size cars; small and large SUVs; full- size pickup trucks; minivans; and a moving truck.

    How much does it cost to rent a car?

    Our car rental rates vary by the type of vehicle you choose and the rental     season. You can check prices and reserve your rental online at          or by calling us at                   570-659-5406.

    Can I drop off my vehicle after business hours?

    Yes, you can return your rental on a Sunday, or after our regular business     hours. Just park your vehicle and place your keys in the key drop located at     our front rental entrance.

    Can I leave my car parked while I rent?

    Yes, we have a large parking lot to accommodate all our customers. If you     are renting a vehicle and need a place to leave your personal vehicle, you     can park in the gravel area behind our building. Customer parking signs are     present to designate areas where customers are welcome to park.

    When do I pay for my rental?

    When you come to pick-up your rental, you will have a 'hold' placed on your     credit card or banking card, which is the cost of your rental plus 20%, with a     minimum hold of $250. This is not a payment, only a 'hold' in the event we     do not receive payment upon return or other fees incurred during the time     of rental. When you drop your car off, we then release the hold, and you will     be charged only for the time you had the vehicle.

    Am I responsible for putting gas in the tank?

    Yes, when you pick up your rental, we will have a full tank of gas. When the     vehicle is returned, it must also have a full tank of gas. If it does not have a     full tank, you are subject to our refueling fee of $5.99 per gallon.

    I got a ticket in a rental, what do I do?

    If you receive an unpaid toll or ticket, you will be required to pay the amount     of the ticket, plus an additional fee of $3.99 per ticket.

    Can I have pets in my rental?

    We do not permit animals in our rental vehicles. If this rule is violated,     renters are subject to a one-time $150 clean-up fee.

    Can I have more than one driver?

            Yes, you can have additional drivers, if each provides their license and                             insurance card and are present to sign the rental contract.
How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle?

You must be 21 to rent and there is a $15/day fee for those under 25.

How long am I able to rent a vehicle?

Long-term rentals are available; however, each car rental contract is only good for up to 28 days.  If you need a vehicle longer than that, you will need to return the rental within the 28 days and start a new rental contract, which would be good for up to another 28 days.

Can I rent a car if I do not have insurance?

No; to rent a vehicle, you must have full coverage insurance (liability, comprehensive, and collision), that applies to a rental vehicle. Some companies offer full coverage insurance, but do not extend that full coverage to rentals, which is required to rent at Matthews Motor Company.

Can I rent a vehicle for someone else?

No; you cannot rent a vehicle for someone else. The person driving the vehicle, and paying for the rental, must be present and give their signatures.

Can I rent a vehicle without a credit card?

Yes, you can use a bank issued debit card with a visa or master card logo on it to rent a vehicle; both for the hold and for payment upon return.

Can I rent a vehicle with some else's credit         card?

Yes, you can rent a vehicle using someone else's credit card; however, the owner of the credit card must be present to sign for it.

Can I rent a vehicle without a driver's license?

No; you cannot rent a vehicle without a valid driver's license.

Do you offer weekend or weekly discounts on rentals?

Yes, we are always running specials for our customers. You can see them on our website at or by calling 570-659-5406.

Can I reserve my rental online?

Yes, you can view our availabilities, choose your rental dates, and pick a vehicle type all online from our website at

I wrecked my rental. What do I do next?

       Call 911 immediately and report the accident. You will also                        need to get a police report to bring back to us. Call your                          insurance and open an insurance claim. Call us at                                    570-659-5406 and make us aware of the situation. Get the                    vehicle back to us immediately and pay the deductible you have on        your policy. 

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